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Home » How to Keep Your Charlotte, NC Home Mosquito-Free this Spring: Tips from the Pros

How to Keep Your Charlotte, NC Home Mosquito-Free this Spring: Tips from the Pros

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How to Keep Your Charlotte, NC Home Mosquito-Free this Spring: Tips from the Pros

The longer days and warmer weather of the upcoming spring will usher people outdoors to bask in the sunshine. But uninvited guests will likely arrive as well – mosquitoes that can put a damper on backyard fun with their incessant buzzing and biting.

Don’t surrender your patio to these disease-carrying pests. Homeowners have affordable do-it-yourself solutions to clear their landscape of breeding grounds. Plus, professional terminators can target existing swarms and prevent future ones from invading.

Look For Breeding Grounds Around Your House

Mosquitoes need standing water to breed, so the first line of defense is looking around your yard for potential problem spots. Do you have clogged rain gutters, water collecting in unused flower pots or equipment, or other places where water remains stagnant for over a week?

Handling drainage issues on your property goes a long way toward mosquito prevention. Clogged gutters are a major problem spot – get up on a ladder to remove built-up debris.

You’ll also want to peek under decks and porches where adult mosquitoes like to rest during the day. Using fans or installing additional roof and foundation vents can also help eliminate moisture accumulation in dark crawl spaces.

Overgrown vegetation can provide ideal hiding spots, too, so regularly trim back bushes and clear away fallen leaves or debris. Don’t forget to change the water at least weekly in pet dishes, bird baths, fountains, or other outdoor water sources.

Repellents for Daytime Defense

When hanging out in the yard, don’t forget the bug spray. Spray exposed skin with an over-the-counter repellent like those containing DEET or picaridin before lighting up the grill or relaxing on the patio. Reapply every few hours according to the product instructions.

Citronella candles also help deter mosquitoes from treated areas in an outdoor space. Place several candles around seating areas on your patio or deck at least 15 to 30 minutes before guests arrive. Remember to keep candles away from children and pets when left burning.

Get Professional Backup When Needed

Even armed with mosquito-fighting knowledge, sometimes a residential infestation calls for backup beyond DIY solutions. Connect with a professional mosquito control Charlotte, NC homeowners rely on to eliminate breezy, standing water sites fully, apply larvicide treatments, identify entry points, and set up exterior barriers.

Their licensed techs know how to eradicate current populations and ongoing breeding grounds, plus prevent future ones from popping up on your property. And with customizable mosquito control treatment plans, they’ll keep seasonal swarms at bay while you host grill-outs well into the summer and fall.

Let Mosquito Control Charlotte, NC Experts Help

With some effort to tidy up your landscape and help from mosquito control Charlotte, NC homeowners trust, you can finally defeat mosquitoes once and for all. No more hiding indoors when you want to lounge on the patio or enjoy time in the backyard. This year, outsmart these pesky insects before they spread everywhere and reclaim your outdoor living spaces for summer family activities.